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Reasons I Left-Swiped You. (Part One)

I might be addicted to Tinder. There is absolutely no reason for me to keep coming back to it, but I can’t help but enjoy judging people from behind a screen in the comfort of my own home. What a great time to be alive. Since today is my birthday, and, inevitably, all about me, you can’t tell me what a horrible person I am for writing this or point out all of MY personal flaws, for today I am a saint and a goddess. Reasons I Left-Swiped You (Part One): “Ethically non-monogamous.” You have a ferret on your shoulder….

Red Umbrella

30 Before 30 Challenge Update: June 2015

Checking in with a monthly update on my 30 Before 30 Bucket List with, coincidentally, 30 months to go! Bucket List Items Completed: Uh, zero. Good start, Kayla! Books read: One! This month I read B.J. Novak’s debut book, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. You might recognize him from his role as Ryan on The Office, or as Mindy Kaling’s friend/on-again-off-again lover, as is the case with me. I love their rapport on social media, what can I say? I was a huge fan of this book. It’s a book of short stories, which you could probably tell from the…

Bad Phrases Blog

7 Words and Phrases It’s Time To Build a Bridge and GET OVER

We already know I’m one of the most annoying people out there. I have a blog for God’s sake, and one with no niche at that and I can’t even post regularly or use commas like an adult and how annoying are people with “blogs,” amiright? Everyone has one. Omg. A friend recently told me that all he knew about me were the things I hated, and really had no idea what I actually liked. Anyone else? In that spirit, here are some words and phrases that I think people could stop using at any time now. Because I, and…

Seattle Tots

30 Before 30 Pinterest Challenge

I’ve already made an amendment to my 30 Before 30 Bucket List. One of my tasks was to make the most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever seen, but as I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I realized I pin about a jillion recipes that I never make, so I thought I would create a new board of recipes to try before I turn 30. I have several food related boards: entrees, soups, desserts, ice cream, drinks, and vegan things. I thought healthy vegan things belonged on their own board because I didn’t want them mixed in with the good stuff,…


Look at my pretty new blog!

Guys! Look! I redesigned the blog! LOOK AT IT. In an ongoing effort to remain as transparent as possible on here, I should note that “redesigned” simply means I purchased a theme and then filled in some blanks. Regardless, I think it’s much more aesthetically pleasing and hopefully it doesn’t make you want to run away crying like the old layout did to me. My favorite new feature is my little social media bar: Are you following me on Twitter or Instagram yet? Why not? I’m tweeting out Deez Nuts videos and Instagramming pictures I took in high school (but I…


I…Have a Medical Condition: My Silent Struggle with Misophonia

I’m not going to die from it…but you might. I wanted to share with you that I have been self-diagnosed with misophonia. In case you haven’t heard of it, misophonia means “hatred of sound.” And boy, do I have a case of that. A serious one. The other night, I got a little tipsy off pinot grigio as I am wont do to, and started researching volunteer opportunities because what I really need right now is to be working for free. That story is irrelevant, however I had to go to the library to print off a paper because of it so…

Galata Bridge Fishermen

DO NOT Miss the Galata Bridge & Galata Tower

Since my post titles automatically capitalize every letter, you have no way of knowing that I put “DO NOT” in all caps and the rest in small letters because that’s how serious I am about not missing this part of Istanbul. <—Which is why I told you there, just now. I’m so, so serious. I had thought about going to the Galata Bridge on my own as I had heard it was worth visiting, but I never made it on my own time. I really had no intention of going to Galata Tower, assuming it was enough to see it towering (lol)…


Istanbul’s Dolmabahce Palace–Better than Topkapi??

Merve took off work one day while I was staying with her so she could show me a little bit more of her awesome city, which was super nice of her. (Among everything else she did for me while I was there.) She was pretty intent on showing me Dolmabahce, her favorite palace! I had definitely never considered Dolmabahce Palace slash had never even heard of it. It’s pretty overlooked by tourists in favor of the more popular Topkapi Palace. I didn’t go to Topkapi, but I did get in line for a ticket so that I could get away from a Turkish…


On a Budget: Romantic Chipotle Dinner

Since my only income is coming from those who take pity on me (this could be YOU–message me for details), I have had to get a little crafty with my food budget. A few weeks ago, there was a special at Chipotle (omg I live somewhere that has a Chipotle finally but it’s like, the worst option in this delicious food Mecca) where, if you bought a sofritas burrito/bowl/tacos/salad on this particular day, you could bring your receipt back in and get a free burrito/bowl/taco/salad of your choice. The catch is that sofritas is made from gross tofu, and I…