Hey, you guys. I’m still here.

I haven’t been busy, just boring.

It occurred to me this week that I turned 10,000 days old and my 27th year of life is flying by. Is it just me, or does time seem to be speeding up? 27 is such a weird age. I can’t figure out if I’m an adult yet or a child still. I went to a kegger on a MONDAY (am I 21?), yet had conversations like, “Wow, I can’t believe May is half over already.” (Am I 51?)

I know I already have a travel/life bucket list, but decided I needed to condense my goals a bit and put them on a timeline of sorts. I will be 30 in just over two and a half years which is apparently a milestone or something, so I figured I should try to accomplish some things before then.

By the way, my 30th birthday is on a Saturday and it’s my Golden Birthday so I will have a huge party and you all can be invited.


1. Work for myself

2. Learn calligraphy

3. Go to Cuba

4. Pay off my credit cards

5. Remain unpregnant

6. Completely unplug for a week

7. Read 30 books (that’s only 1 per month!)

8. Get a nice camera & improve my photography skills

9. Dye my hair a weird color

10. Make all the recipes on this Pinterest board

11. Go camping for a weekend

12. Go to the movies by myself

13. Become proficient in watercolor painting

14. Get another tat

15. Run a 5k (I mean, I’ve done this before, but I’m in no condition to at present.)

16. Get a massage (Have NOT done, ever.)

17. Attempt a third language or master Spanish for God’s sake

18. Find a pen pal (this could be you!)

19. Go kayaking

20. Host a party

21. Donate blood

22. Carve a pumpkin

23. Try a new form of fitness

24. Go skinny dipping

25. Go whale watching

26. Bungee jump

27. Have a picnic in a park

28. Watch every episode of Friends

29. Take a train somewhere

30. Do something illegal

Ok. There it is.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, some of those are really cliche,” or, “Wow, you haven’t done that before?”

Of course I’ve been camping before, but not in the last two and a half years, PLUS! So the fact that I have to put it on a to-do list for the NEXT two and a half years really isn’t all that outlandish. Same with carving a pumpkin, etc.

So anyway.

Let the games begin.

What’s on your bucket list?