While I would’ve been content to wander around Portland everyday during my week in Oregon, we took a day to cruise out to the coast. The drive to Cannon Beach was gorgeous…lush forest on both sides of me that I would’ve probably enjoyed more, but my chauffeur wasn’t a proponent of in-car air conditioning quite like I am, and he wasn’t catching on to my passive-aggressive, heavy, sweaty sighs of discomfort.

I was told this drive was 40 minutes, but an hour and a half in, I was beginning to think I had been lied to and dying to get my suffocating ass out of the damn car.  Shortly after, we arrived in the TOTES ADORBS seaside village of Cannon Beach, and it was a perfectly chilly, drizzly fourth of July weekend. Not awesome for the people who had booked stays in one of the many rental properties for their long weekend, but exactly as I had pictured the Oregon coast.

I was starving, as I usually am after being in a car for more than 30 minutes, so we wandered around looking for a place to eat. We settled on The Local Grill & Scoop which had a decent patio to sit on that even allowed dogs! That was the only cool thing about the place though…terrible service and really unexciting food options. Don’t ever go there. Also, don’t ever go there with someone who is going to spend the entire meal on the phone. PROTIP.

After the terrible meal, we walked to the beach which, despite the cool weather, was full of people. AND dogs. AND horses. Stop. People riding horseback on the damn beach. Precious.

The whole reason I agreed to come to Cannon Beach, besides not having anything else to do, was so that I could see those famous rocks from the Goonies.

I think I just said that I wanted to see famous rocks. Rocks. Okay, bye.


Haystack Rock is actually pretty large and in charge–the locals claim it is the third-largest rock formation in the world that can be reached by land. That’s about all there is to know about it really, but the sights from the beach were stunning–whether  you were looking out to the Pacific or in towards the houses dotting the coast.


Anyway, let me tell you about the best part of Cannon Beach. The crepes.

Omg, I’ve written less than 20 posts on this site and I’ve already referenced crepes in two of them.

But seriously, I wasn’t all that jazzed to eat a crepe while in Cannon Beach–I’d rather have something like ice cream, or cupcakes, or hamburgers, or a taco, or lobster. I was told I had to have a crepe at Crepe Neptune, though, and it was the highlight of my trip.

Crepe Neptune is a tiny little place that holds about four people at a time, and there was a line out the door when we first walked by. I had the “Famous Crepe,” which was filled with Nutella, bananas, strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream. If you don’t like all those words then you’re banned from the blog.

We sat on a little bench right outside the door and I made a lot of moaning noises and shed a few tears while I ate. I also got Nutella and ice cream on my shirt because I’m a child and need to wear a bib and Velcro shoes and not leave the house without a change of clothes.

I would recommend that place without a doubt and I insist you make a trip to Cannon Beach if you’re ever in Portland. Unless you’re there in the winter. But probably still even in the winter. It rarely snows there, but what if it did and how cute would THAT be?

Okay, bye.

P.S. I promise not to say “totes adorbs” anymore. Probably.