Mis amigos!

It only took me 8 tries to remember my password for Honestly Kayla, but I’m back. I have virtually the same password for everything, just with different combos of capitalization and punctuation. Don’t try to hack me.

Some big things have happened since I left you in March.

1. Joel from Butterfly Body Liners added his two cents to my post on the topic:

“Actually, doctors will tell you that ABL is caused most frequently by GI-related issues (ie. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and similar issues), not aging per se. And it affects men and women equally…but it is such a taboo subject that most don’t talk about it.”

Thanks for the info, Joel! Now we know, and I’m glad we could generate some discussion on this topic! Way to go, guys.

I won’t mention the angry email I got from a lady in Florida who is having trouble using the product. I also suspect the email is a hoax because it was just too good to be true.

2. I went to the dentist, which, as we know, is one of my greatest fears.

It had been a solid 8 years since my last appearance at the dentist, and you’ll be pleased to know that I only had one cavity and my oral hygienist “can’t complain” about my oral hygiene.

I did have a traumatic experience with a leftover root from a baby tooth, but I got some prescription painkillers and I have plenty left over if anyone would like to buy them off me for a small fee.

3. I got a tattoo!

Displaying IMG_20140721_133014_279.jpg

Guess I’ve been in this mood where I need to be living my life a little bit more. Because I also:

4. Booked a trip to Turkey!

I know I mentioned before that it was something I’d like to do, but considered focusing on paying off my debt a little bit more. But on a whim I found a flight I liked on dates that I liked, so it just happened. I’m leaving in less than two months and haven’t done any preparation for it whatsoever.

My boss keeps telling me that since I got my tattoo, I haven’t been able to sit still. She thinks my wanderlust is a product of my tat, but it’s really the other way around!

5. I also spent a week in Portland!

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Holy crap, I loved it, am now obsessed with it, and I’ll probably do some more posts on it? Maybe?

I’d really like to make this blog more travel-centric but I’m terrible at taking pictures and generally documenting things, so I must try harder. And I also need to do more traveling! Speaking of which…

6. I’ve got something ELSE up my sleeve coming real soon…