Me again.

I’m a couple of hours away from embarking on my fourth, and final (?), journey of 2014, just as soon as I decide to get out of bed.

My official vacation photographer, Spencer, has requested daily posts about my trip since he can’t be there, and I will do my best to oblige since he let me borrow his backpack and is cat sitting for me.

I’m mostly packed and ready to rock almost 24 hours of travel on my way to Istanbul! I will have a tiny copilot with me this time, and Sir Victor is nestled away in my snack bag amongst the jars of peanut butter and boxes of PopTarts, ready to get his picture taken in front of lots of cool sites like the Blue Mosque and Dracula’s Castle for my alma mater, Wartburg College.

Since I have no official vacation photographer, I guess I’ll be his.

See you in Turkey!