Happy Friday…TGIF, amiright? Just kidding, I feel like I’m on vacation everyday since I don’t have a job. A vacation where I don’t leave the house because I’m too afraid to spend money.

I thought I’d give some #funfacts about my trip thus far. Well, it was a trip. Now it’s just life.

Days in Portland: 8

Miles traveled: 1,945

Hours from departure to arrival: 44 hours

Hours into the trip my phone died and I didn’t have a phone charger: 4

Number of times my mom told me I use too much data: a bajillion

Age I should’ve gotten off my mom’s phone plan: 22

Time I went to bed on New Year’s Eve: 6:20pm PST

Times I thought my cat was dead: 1

Books finished: 1 – Amy Poehler: Yes Please

Coldest temperature not counting windchill: -40 – Rock Springs, Wyoming

Percentage of time I spent driving: Maybe 30%

Percentage of time my mom spent driving: Probably 70% or more

Square feet lost between apartments: 450

Times I’ve added air to my air mattress: 3

Blocks to the nearest pod of food carts: 2.5

Bowls of ramen consumed: 1

Blocks to Powell’s City of Books: 3

Blocks to nearest donut shop: 1

Jobs applied for: 11?

Pieces of physical mail received: 2

Men in suits skateboarding: 1

Number of blurry pics I’m sorry for because I don’t like stopping in the street because I’m afraid of looking like a tourist even when I am one: 1 and counting

Conversations about Greek mythology overheard: 2

Times I’ve been approached for money in the street: 3

Times I’ve given money: 0

Septum piercings seen: at least 10

MacBooks in this tiny, hipster coffee shop including mine: 6- good thing I splurged on one.

Episodes of Portlandia watched: 12 but I’ll probably finish it this weekend because it’s so hilarious!

Bottles of wine I’m thinking about buying tonight: 2

Things are heating up out here.

Hey. Enjoy your weekend, guys. Come visit me, please.