In the words of Mr. Dave Pierson, “Every good speech starts out with a quote.” (PAUSE)

Now, that particular quote didn’t really help me begin my speech at all and I definitely had writers block before I’d even started writing. I was really tempted to just buy a speech off the internet. But, naturally, I procrastinated and it wouldn’t have shipped out on time, so I had to wait for some brilliant idea to come to me. And this idea came to me Friday night, yes just two days ago. I was at Bethany’s graduation party and had just finished some delicious Chinese food, so of course I had to go for the fortune cookie. So I open up my fortune cookie and it says to me “Prepare today for the demands of tomorrow. Plan your move.” Now, whenever Kylee and I eat Chinese food we swap fortunes ya know, so I read hers and it says “Others appreciate your good sense of humor.”Immediately I get annoyed because neither of these are fortunes at all. To me, a fortune is something more like, “You will inherit great riches.” Plus, I thought that our fortunes had obviously been meant for each other because Kylee’s the planner and I’m the funny one, at least according to you guys, but I guess you can make your own judgements. Anyways, after aimlessly staring at my fortune for awhile, it suddenly dawned on me that this was my speech. It was my destiny to get this fortune because it explained life exactly. After all, what do we spend our whole lives doing? Planning and preparing for the demands of tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. I know I prepared yesterday for the demands of today, even if  should’ve been preparing last month, but that’s besides the point.

I mean, we started preparing for a career in like, 5th grade. We drew jobs and got checkbooks and everything. Looking back, it seems like we got started pretty early, but at the time I was convinced that with my steady job as a podiatrist I could easily support myself. Not that I was interested in becoming a foot doctor or anything- Dj-ing was my dream job.

But plans can change too, so don’t over prepare for tomorrow either. In 5th grade I wanted to be a DJ, up until my sophomore year when I wanted to be a veterinarian, then a history teacher, but now I’m not really sure what I want to do. I’m going to Wartburg to major in international relations, maybe throw a little espanol in there too. I think that between all the guacamole we’ve eaten in Spanish 4, and Don Fernando’s intense poetry readings, I’ve pretty much dominated the language, but who knows.

Anyways, I know Mr. Heiman wanted to start preparing for graduation when I was still stressing out about homecoming. But we scheduled ourselves a class meeting and attempted to pick out a motto, colors, and flower. Lord knows those plans changed a few times. You guys love to complain and give me a hard time, but I’m glad to see that you have high expectations which is a good quality to have I suppose. Which that has taught me that I cant please everyone, especially you guys, so thank you for the lesson.

But if you think about it, in 10 years, or 5 even, you’re not going to care that our Homecoming theme wasn’t Hicktown-hey, I’m over it, it doesn’t bother me at all. You’re not going to care that our motto is too long or that you would’ve rather paid nine dollars for a calla lily than have these spider mums. And you’re not going to care that Josten’s didn’t have turquoise gowns.

So, like I said, don’t over prepare. If you’re going to worry, worry about the big details like finishing your paper or graduation speech on time, and the smaller details will fall into place.

However, this advice does not apply to Mr. Kerr’s tests. Buy all means, OVER PREPARE for those things. Not that any amount of studying will help you on the true false, but you can always try.

So, it looks like Bethany saved the day again. If it weren’t for that fortune cookie, I’d probably be up here ad-libbing and we all know that doesn’t work out the best for me usually. But instead, I have a healthy 5 page paper, double spaced, size 14 font in Century Gothic, with 1 1/4 inch margins just because I can now.

But finally, I’d like to give a shout out to all my friends: Keshia, Brandon, Joe, Jessica, Levi, Kylee, Scotty, Josh, Emily, Marissa, Kyle, David, Mindy (editor’s note: originally omitted by accident), Jordan, Steve, Nate, Robbie, Joey, Daniel, David, Monica, Kami, Derek, Greg, Ashley, Merve, Corey, Jessica, Marshall, Jesika, Miranda, Seth, Donny,  Stephanie, Matt, Meishja, Molly, Amanda, Kody, Emily, Micah, Stacy, Janae, Matt, Skyler, Jeremy, Kali, Kaela, Mallory, Joe, Andrea, Kyler, Tyler, Mallory, Candace [mean], Miles, Tasha, Bethany, Colt, Justin, and Jodi.

And all of you’d better make sure you stop by Kylee and I’s graduation party after the ceremony. It’s at St. Mary’s Parish Center in Dodgeville, so BE THERE. Thank you.